Trinidad and Tobago joins the Madrid System! - Ipsilon - Your talent, your rights
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Trinidad and Tobago joins the Madrid System!

Trinidad and Tobago joins the Madrid System!

The State of TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO joined the Madrid System on the International Trademark on October 12, 2020.

It will now be possible, as of January 12, 2021, to designate the State of TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO in an international trademark application under the Madrid System.

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO thus becomes the 107th member of the Madrid System for the International Trademark, which now includes 123 countries.

It should be noted that it was already possible to designate other countries of the Caribbean region in an international trademark, such as: ANTIGUA-ET-BARBUDA, CUBA, CURAÇAO, SAINT MARTIN (Dutch part), BONAIRE, SAINT EUSTACHE and SABA.

In addition, it will be recalled that an international trademark designating France, as well as a French national brand, also automatically produces effect in the following Caribbean overseas departments and collectivities : GUADELOUPE, MARTINIQUE, SAINT-BARTHÉLEMY and SAINT MARTIN (French part).

On the other hand, a significant number of Caribbean States are still not part of the Madrid System on the International Trademark, so that trademark protection in these countries can only be obtained through the filing of a national trademark. Among the most important are PORTO RICO, HAITI, JAMAICA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC and the BAHAMAS ISLANDS.