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The Intellectual Property (IP) strategy is an essential element for a start-up, starting from its creation. This values the disruptive innovation that guarantees you a successful company.
Protection, an essential step for your development


To guarantee the success of your project, just creating and innovating is not enough, it is also necessary to protect your creations and your innovations from your competitors. You must also make sure that the trademark you have chosen is available and file it and protect your inventions by validating their innovative character. Our team of engineers and attorneys specialized in intellectual property will assist you in these steps. How we operate is adaptable to your organization: we agilely work in with your teams to integrate your project as far upstream as possible. This organization also allows us to help you maximize your chances of obtaining grants of patents and trademark registration and advise you regarding the Research Tax Credit.

Enhancing Your Technology Enhances Your Company’s Value

The value of your technology, and therefore of your company, depends on its level of innovation. Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the state of the art and your market, your value will be maximized thanks to the farthest-reaching optimal protection that we bring you. This approach will ensure the success of your company’s capitalization operations.

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