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SMBs and Midcaps

For SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) and midcap companies, Intellectual Property (IP) is often an unnoticed process. Protecting your innovations and creations in your different geographic markets is, nevertheless, an indispensable tool for your company’s strategic development!
A Team of Experts Near You

Our pedagogical approach to intellectual property gives you a clear vision as to which strategy to implement, whatever your issue. By working in a fully integrated way at all levels of your company, we help you protect your innovations and creations, as far upstream as possible. This also allows us to advise you in setting up files for Research Tax Credit, or to obtain grants.

Support for All Your Strategic Issues

Whether you want to file a patent or protect a strategic trademark, our working methods allow you to benefit from contact representatives who understand your problems. Through our strengthened international presence, we support you, regardless of the territory in which your company develops. Our personalized pricing approach ensures visibility and control of your budget

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