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Litigation and Mediation

Do you need help in pre-litigation and litigation of intellectual property (patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, etc.) or trade secret disputes ? Our integrated teams of patent or trademark attorneys and attorneys-at-law are at your disposal.


You may have to manage a dispute based on an intellectual property right. Ipsilon advises you if you are attacked or if your rights are infringed, and provides you with these services.

  • Conducts preliminary studies before helping you determine the best strategy to adopt.
  • Drafts your claim letters.
  • If necessary, manages the infringement seizure and diligence procedures for infringement and unfair competition actions, in partnership with our integrated team of Attorneys-at-Law.
  • Negotiates transactions to the best of your interests.



Trade secret is a way to protect your innovations, such as your intellectual property rights.

We help you to set up a strategy to preserve it and to invoke it in case of litigation.



As opposed to traditional methods of conflict resolution which consist in bringing the dispute before a judge, mediation is an extrajudicial process.

This alternative method of conflict resolution does not compromise the chances of going to court as soons as each party can freely put an end to the process at any time.



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