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Your patents, trademarks, designs, and domain names contribute to the value of your company. Protecting your talent is now a key issue in a context where companies’ competitiveness lies in their innovation. Make your intellectual property both an economic and strategic asset for your organization!


Combining strategic know-how and technical and legal expertise, Ipsilon assists you on all aspects of your intellectual property policy: from the management of your patents and trademarks, to the building and implementation of your strategy, in Europe, the United States, and all over the world.


We intervene at each stage of your process:


  • Filing, the examination procedure, up till the issuance/registration of the IP rights.
  • Exploitation and valuation of IP rights.
  • Representation before the competent patents and trademarks offices in France, Europe, and at the international level: INPI, OBPI, EPO, EUIPO, USPTO and WIPO.
  • Maintenance (annuities, renewals) of patents, trademarks, designs and domain names.
  • Support and advice in the context of litigation, pre-litigation, negotiation of license agreements, coexistence agreements, technology transfer agreements, due diligence, etc.

Ipsilon’s professionalism and know-how guarantee the success of your intellectual property policy.


Are you an innovator and want to protect your innovation? Getting a patent is crucial. Our teams of engineers, who specialize in intellectual property, are there to assist you and advise you throughout the process.






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Your trademark is a fundamental part of your company’s image and identity, as well as that of your products and services. Filing a trademark is essential to guarantee its protection and its free use. Find out what Ipsilon’s teams of intellectual property attorneys can do to help you in this process.



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Are your aesthetic creations a strategic value for your company? Our team of attorneys is here to guide you in protecting your designs.








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Because a strategic vision of intellectual property is essential for your company, Ipsilon offers you advice and assistance in creating a strategy to protect, exploit, and value your rights.







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