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Whether they are Major Groups, SMBs and Midcaps, or Start-Ups, we place mutual trust at the center of our relationships with our clients. Read what they have to say about it !

Major Groups

« IPSILON has succeeded in building a deep understanding of our business, our maket, and our competitive environment. One of their great strengths is their ability to anticipate our needs, react very quickly, and consider Intellectual Property issues regarding protection and valuation of our innovations, taking into account every challenges on the group level. Their approach is customized and fully adapted to our specific needs. Furthermore, we maintain true relationships of trust with their team and this means a lot to us. »

Gérard Orcel, Head of IP at NEXANS

« IPSILON is a reliable partner, also highly reactive when handling our files. Its presence in a lot of countries is an asset to be as efficient and relevant as possible depending on our needs. »

Jean-François Renou, Head of IP at BOLLORÉ

« The IPSILON team has the ability to take our business challenges into consideration while offering quality legal advice to best assist us with our work. »

Sophie Korakis-Menager, Head of IP at ESSILOR

« We do appreciate Ipsilon for their continuous support and reactivity. It is a great pleasure to work with all the members of the firm, in an open relationship and collaborative way. »

Laurence Péru, VP Group IP chez CGG

«  IPSILON has been assisting our Group with filing and managing our patent portfolio for over 20 years. Beyond indubitably rigorous technical skills, we can count on their reactivity and availability to assist and advise us on technical inventions’ protection. »

Teddy Tristan, Head of IP at ÉRAM

«  IPSILON has been assisting us for many years in our trademark filing and protection strategy. It is truely a reliable, efficient, and trustworthy partner. »

Thérèse Rincé, Head of Social and Legal Affairs at BVA GROUP


« The brand Caddie is the first asset of our group and it is known worldwide. By working with IPSILON, we make sure our trademarks and patents are well protected. Thus we can focus on our growth and group’s development. »


« We have been filing 2 or 3 patents a year with IPSILON for many years. This collaboration is very satisfactory for the following reasons :

     –   We always work with the same, highly-skilled person, who possesses the required expertise of our field.

     –   In addition to good redaction skills and to defending our interests, he has acquired a solid knowledge of our methods over time. It allows him to suggest alternative possibilities which contribute to the product’s conception. »

Philip E. Jackson, CEO of BEAUDREY

« Drafting a patent application requires a close collaboration between the inventor and the patent attorney. IPSILON has provided me this quality of relationship which has allowed TECHNIPLAST to file undisputed french and foreign patents. The advice provided by IPSILON have undoubtedly contributed to making TECHNIPLAST is today recognized as the leader of its field. »

Jean-Philippe Lamboux, CEO of TECHNIPLAST

Start-ups & Entrepreneurs

« Great reactivity, straightforward communication, and most importantly a very good price-quality ratio : we are very satisfied of the team at IPSILON and of the solutions they came up with in a very short amount of time. Thank you very much, we will contact you for our further developments. »


« It seems quite often that a patent has to be complex to be efficient. By showing us that the simpler solutions are, the more complicated they are to subvert, IPSILON enabled us to understand that simplicity is the key for protection. It comes back to the patent logic that, beyond protection, offers a true strategy to gain ground on the market as well as a clear deterrant to any potential competitor. »

Luis Da Silva, Co-founder and CTO at 10-VINS

« IPSILON has been managing my patent portfolio for many years. It spans troughout many fields like biochemistry or MedTech. At each new challenge, IPSILON gets involved and focuses on the technology in order to understand its core technical characteristics.  Our partnership is therefore serene et trustworthy. »

Gilles Bos, MedTech Entrepreneur et Co-founder of Kejako