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Public Sector

As a public-sector player, Intellectual Property (IP) helps you protect the outcome of your research. The emergence of collaborative innovation also requires mastering the value of your work in partnerships or consortia.
Multi-disciplinary Experts at Your Service


The high level of technical expertise of our consulting engineers guarantees a perfect understanding of your innovations, regardless of their technical field. The working methods we have implemented allow us to effectively integrate into the processes of different research laboratories.

Your Collaborative Innovation Partner


The emergence over several years of collaborative innovation reshuffles the cards of intellectual property strategies of private and public actors, as well as research laboratories. Our teams support you at all stages of the project to ensure the establishment of “win-win” partnerships and consortia: negotiation in the interests of your entity and the overall project, valuing your contributions in the partnership, establishment of specific working procedures.

An idea, a project, a concrete case? Let’s talk about it!