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At Ipsilon, we put intellectual property at the heart of your strategy, to better value your talent, your innovations, your creations: all that makes up the intangible wealth of your company.

We fully integrate with your teams as much upstream as possible to solve your issues.


We ensure the continuity of your industrial property policy, regardless of the territory covered by our strengthened international presence, especially in the United States.


We guarantee budget transparency through a flat-rate approach.

Founded in 2001 by Valérie Feray, Ipsilon is rapidly developing on the French market with a dynamic external growth strategy, which is based on the merger with prestigious law firms: Brema Loyer, founded in 1883, and Sueur & L’Helgoualch, founded in 1987.


Today, Ipsilon has close to 60 competent legal and technical employees to support thousands of customers around the world.

Our Values

Involvement, dynamism, proximity: Ipsilon’s 3 key commitments

We have always kept the DNA that made us unique starting from our creation: to be closer to customers and offer them benefits tailored to their challenges.


Thus, each of our customers benefits from personalized contacts with our team of qualified professionals, with regularly updated skills.


Each intellectual property issue is unique: your representatives are fully involved in your activities to bring you a tailored service to fit your needs.


Finally, our flexible and agile working methods allow us to work with any type of structure and organization with efficiency and reactivity.

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A Strong Involvement in Our Profession


Ipsilon is a partner of competitiveness clusters for innovation such as Atlanpole or EMC2. Through these partnerships, we contribute to spreading French competitiveness beyond our borders by supporting innovative project leaders in their intellectual property strategy. We are proud to participate in the French technological ecosystem in supporting French Tech companies, in France and all over the world.


In parallel, Ipsilon is an approved expert-trainer in intellectual property. With the goal of promoting our profession at heart, we organize regular training sessions to spread our expertise within the companies themselves.


Finally, to stay at the forefront of developments in our company, we work in close collaboration with all institutions in the field of intellectual property: INPI, EPO, EUIPO, WIPO, OPI, BOIP, UPSTO. Our engineers and legal advisers, specialized in intellectual property, are for the most part duly authorized by these administrations (Intellectual Property Attorneys, Authorized Representatives to the EPO or the EUIPO, US Patent and Trademark Attorneys, etc.), to support you in your intellectual property strategy.


Our Organization

To efficiently deal with your requests, our multidisciplinary team is composed of consulting engineers, legal advisors, administrative managers, and paralegal assistants.


They are at your disposal and have the knowledgeable staff and powerful technical means to file, obtain, and monitor your patents, trademarks, models, domain names…



Our Consulting Engineers and Legal Advisors


Our teams are made up of consulting engineers, who are specialized in each technical field for patents, and of legal advisors who are experts either in trademarks, designs or domain names. This enables us to accompany you in all aspects of your IP strategy.


Administrative Team


Our administrative team of highly qualified industrial and multilingual managers and assistants is at your disposal for any questions regarding your portfolio. It securely ensures the filing and the maintenance of your rights (patents, trademarks, designs, domain names).

Our Management Team

Valérie Feray

CEO, Managing Partner

Joseph Sofer

Managing Partner – Ipsilon USA

Charlotte Schmit

Head of the Patent Department – Paris

Trademark and Design Attorney


+33 1 41 13 48 54



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Florence Briec

Partner – Head of the Trademark Department

Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney


+33 2 40 30 35 55



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Valérie Godineau

Partner – Head of the Nantes Office

Laureen Mangot

Head of the Patent Department – Strasbourg

Trademark and Design Attorney


+33 3 88 15 42 70



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Michèle Dietrich

Head of the Trademark and Design Department – Strasbourg

Trademark and Design Attorney


+352 26 33 28 03



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Yves Schyns

Manager – Ipsilon Benelux