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Our team of engineers with legal and specialized skills in intellectual property offers you a complete service at the heart of your patent’s value chain. You are accompanied throughout your procurement, exploitation, and defense procedures. Use our skills to protect your talent!



We help you secure your approach from the very beginning of your project: we validate the protectability through an prior art search and a patentability analysis. We also participate in the brainstorming on the concept to be protected and its scope, depending on the market and the territories targeted. To do so, we work in a completely integrated way with your teams to make exchanges smoother and be more responsive.




We support your teams during all filing stages continuing to work integrally with all the services involved. We draft the patent application, respecting both the technical context and legal constraints, and prepare all the necessary documents for filing. Then, we technically and legally argue following any objections that may arise from the patent offices upon your filing during the whole patentability examination procedure.


Simultaneously, we integrate the innovation financing into our approach: we advise you upstream on the integration of your costs for obtaining subsidies or the benefit of adapted tax measures.



Our teams assist you and defend your interests in all situations: we handle your opposition procedures against the patents of your competitors likely to hinder you in your developments; we handle all pre-litigation and litigation proceedings that you may be confronted with, whether you wish to exercise your rights against counterfeiters or to defend against competing patentees. We also ensure the maintenance of your patent portfolio (annuities) and the technological surveillance in your sector of activity.


We negotiate and draw up all your contracts related to the protection and exploitation of your innovations: licenses, transfers, know how transfers, technology transfers, confidentiality agreements…

Do you innovate and need our advice? We’ll put you in touch with one of our specialists.