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The German Chamber of Patent Attorneys admits IPSILON Patentanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Just one year ago, Valérie FERAY, CEO of the IPSILON Group, and Laurent NUSS from Cabinet NUSS announced that Cabinet NUSS had joined IPSILON in the IP Sector.

Beyond converging values and cultures, this strategic alliance was formed to tackle the latest demands facing the IP profession to serve clients in protecting their IP interests in Europe and especially in Germany and in assisting them to remain competitive in an ever expanding international market along with digital transformations and shortening product cycles.

Through this strategic alliance Ipsilon’s goal to fully operate in Germany was finally achieved few days ago on February 17, 2020. The German Chamber of Patent Attorneys, the Patentanwaltskammer, has now admitted IPSILON Patentanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, based in Munich, as a Patent Attorney firm in accordance with German law.

With this establishment in Germany, not as a secondary office of the IPSILON Group in Germany, but as a fully-fledged German IP firm, the IPSILON Group aims at offering its European and overseas clients – and more specifically its Asian clients, an ever closer support to their stakes and strategies.

Laurent NUSS is extremely committed to maintaining the European spirit; in May 2019, he became the first non-German European to get the title of “Patentanwalt”, thanks to an unprecedented recognition of his knowledge and experience in all aspects of patent law;  he will manage the Munich firm.

Robert LINDEMANN, a Patentanwalt with a 17-year experience in IP, will also contribute to the development and the outreach of this new firm.

The expansion of the IPSILON Group in Germany is yet another step in its European growth strategy, and accounts for its commitment to offer its clients an ever closer and more integrated service.

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