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Creation of IPSILON Dispute & Resolution

Creation of IPSILON Dispute & Resolution

The IPSILON Group is proud to announce the creation of IPSILON Dispute & Resolution, a multi-professional practice group (SPE) of patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law.

Created by Valérie Feray, President of the IPSILON Group and patent attorney, along with Florence Briec, trademark attorney and Matthieu Dhenne, Attorney-at-law at the Paris bar, as partners, this new entity within the IPSILON Group provides legal services in the fields of contracts, pre-litigation and litigation relating to all aspects Intellectual Property including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secret disputes as well as expertise in alternative dispute resolutions.

Matthieu Dhenne’s practice is devoted to intellectual property litigation. From 2017 to 2019 Matthieu Dhenne has been listed in the top tier of the Legal500 Rankings, and highly recommended by the Leaders League Rankings in 2020. He is also the President of the prestigious Think Tank De Boufflers Institute. He graduated with a Master in Industrial Property Law from the University of Strasbourg (CEIPI) and a PhD (Law) from the Panthéon-Assas University.

The addition of Matthieu Dhenne in France allows the Ipsilon Group to provide complete and top-notch litigation services in both Europe and the United States.  In October 2019, Ipsilon Group’s office in the United States added Mr. John Di Matteo as of-counsel, a veteran IP litigator with 30 years of high profile trial and mediation and arbitration experience. Furthermore, with respect to mediation proceedings in France, Florence Briec is certified by ESCP / CMAP and will provide amicable and confidential conflict resolution services.

The launch of IPSILON Dispute & Resolution adds a substantial value to IPSILON Group’s strategy to provide its clients high quality services throughout the intellectual property value chain (i.e. from rights clearance to enforcement) across international markets. The IPSILON Group is thrilled with its latest development towards fulfilling its vision for a diversification strategy towards an increasingly integrated client experience.




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