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Software, Intellectual Property and Start-Up, with Ipsilon, Boks, & Partech

Software, Intellectual Property and Start-Up, with Ipsilon, Boks, & Partech

How to protect your inventions and innovations, especially for software? Can patents be filed in this field?

How to protect your intellectual property when employees or subcontractors are involved in the creation of innovations?

What about the founder of a company, an inventor, when he is not an employee of his start-up? Does this have any impact on the protection of the intellectual property of the start-up’s software and solutions?

Come to the Partech Shaker in Paris on November 7 for a panel of experts on the subject of Intellectual Property, composed of Ghislain Demonda, Patent Engineer and head of the Toulouse team at Ipsilon Group, an intellectual property firm, Adrien Oksman, President and co-founder of Boks, a last mile logistics solution based on connected package boxes, and Karen Noël, General Partner at Partech, in charge of legal affairs.

On the agenda:

  • The presentation of Ipsilon and the start-up Boks, which the firm supported,
  • The specificities of patent, trademark and copyright protection, with Karen Noël’s best practices
  • The patent, a barrier against copying inventions
  • Boks’ feedback
  • Your questions and the experts’ answers 🙂


Learn how to protect your start-up and software innovations in just two hours!

The panel will start at 9:30 am.


Registration: HERE

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