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CES 2021 Online

CES 2021 Online

From January 11th to January 14th 2021, IPSILON attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021, which this year was held 100% online. As in 2019 in Las Vegas, Valérie FERAY, President of the IPSILON Group, and Joe SOFER, Managing Partner of IPSILON USA, took this opportunity to discuss with some French startups registered at the event about their IP (technologies, trademarks or designs) issues. Highlighting the paramount importance of IP for successful startups, Valérie FERAY and Joe SOFER reminded them that a robust IP policy:

  • Enhances the image of startups as future-oriented and innovative companies
  • Allows startups to develop their innovations apart from the business risks they take at the launch of a new product or service
  • Helps startups to convince investors and dramatically increases the chances of fundraising
  • Limits the risk of infringing by direct competitors


If they protect their IP, French startups have a bright future!


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