Dominique Charlotte Crassaerts - Ipsilon - Your talent, your rights
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Dominique Charlotte Crassaerts

Dominique Charlotte Crassaerts

Trademark and Design Attorney
Manager –Ipsilon Benelux
English / French



Benelux Trademark and Design Attorney
European Union Trademark and Design Attorney
Professional representative before the EUIPO

Education and Experience

  • Graduated in Law from the University of Brussels (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
  • Lawyer at the Brussels Bar for 10 years
  • Director in a major European law firm for 10 years


Expertise and know how

  • Founder and Director of Distinctive IP Benelux
  • Professional representative before the EUIPO
  • Long lasting experience in the field of trade marks, design, domain names and copyright laws.
  • Appreciated for her dynamic, strategic and synthetic expertise


Fields of activities

  • Trademarks, Designs and copyright