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Cabinet NUSS joins IPSILON!

Cabinet NUSS joins IPSILON!

 IPSILON group and Cabinet NUSS combine forces in the IP sector.


Through this association, the IPSILON group has now a total staff of more than 100 and is ranked in the very TOP French IP firms. The group is on the one hand strengthening its skills but is on the other hand opening outlooks in Germany in a near future. IPSILON had indeed this stated goal for many years to expand its activities in Germany. The strong presence of Cabinet NUSS across the Rhine is clearly leading the group to new fascinating challenges.

Besides, Cabinet NUSS’ clients will fully benefit from the support of a robust firm structure offered by a group that has a vast international presence. The Strasbourg team will surely take advantage of its long experience combined with the group’s sophisticated work procedures. IPSILON was indeed awarded  the “Trophées du Droit”, an honor saluting IP firms that experienced a significant growth as well as a silver award in the Best IP Prosecutor category very recently.

Laurent NUSS, fourth generation of Cabinet NUSS , leading the firm for decades emphasized: “I’m delighted with this strategic association which had become essential to better understand the new challenges that will  appear shortly in our area of expertise, the one of globalization that imply a wider geographical presence and above all the one of Artificial Intelligence that will for sure revolutionize our job. The IPSILON group shares the same vision and the same philosophy as we do. The same vision on challenges to take up in terms of understanding of the job and international flair, the same philosophy as much on the organization and the management of a firm as on the recognition and the respect of human values. Thus, by joining our forces, our teams will be tremendously armed to anticipate any changes and adapt to any quick shifts towards the world of tomorrow that is knocking on our door.”

“ Cabinet NUSS, historical IP firm and well-known for its professionalism and the quality of its services, chose to join IPSILON and we are truly proud of it” welcome Valérie Feray, founder of IPSILON in 2001. “We keep following our development strategy and will be able to reinforce our presence in Germany to offer our clients all the more integrated services while remaining faithful to our values that make our DNA : involvement, dynamism and proximity.”