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Laurent Nuss is now a Patentanwalt !

Laurent Nuss is now a Patentanwalt !

Laurent Nuss, head of the Strasbourg office, is the first Frenchman to get the title of “Patentanwalt” thanks to an unprecedented procedure, allowing him to practice as patent attorney in Germany.

Laurent Nuss is also the first non-German European to use this recognition of prior learning and experience procedure to obtain this diploma. This qualification is the German equivalent of patent attorney and allows to practice as such in the country. It is thus another step in the development of IPSILON Group in Germany and in its international growth strategy.

Laurent Nuss benefited from a European directive from 2005 whose application criteria in Germany have been made very selective by the German House of Patent and Trademark Attorneys (Patentanwaltskammer), and therefore the first Frenchman to get the qualification through this process, which used to be opened to the German only.

After more than a year of procedure, Laurent Nuss was invited to take an oath before the House on May 6, 2019. Even if the European directive regarding prior learning recognition was voted in 2005, Germany voted the law only in 2017. This law gives access to the title of Patentanwalt through either a complex examination for foreigners, or prior learning recognition.

To certify his expertise in Germany, Laurent Nuss had to provide countless documents acknowledging for his experience and his academic and professional skills like testimonies from clients and German colleagues, or even his grades from his master’s degree at Zurich Federal Institute of Technology. All of the IPSILON Group is very proud of this exceptional recognition of Laurent Nuss’ expertise.

“To be the first foreigner to take an oath thanks to this specific procedure and to be accepted amongst the very close circle of German professional makes me very proud to many regards”, Laurent Nuss explains. “First of all personally, because it is always rewarding to have one’s professional career acknowledged. But also regarding the IPSILON Group, which I joined recently, and for which this success indeed goes along with its strategy to win new business. And finally because this recognition represents, in a way, my humble contribution to an ever-threatened European spirit.”

“We are very proud to have such individual professional skills which are acknowleged by our European neighbors amongst the IPSILON Group”, Valérie Feray, president of the IPSILON group, says, « and I warmly congratulate Laurent Nuss for this success. It is one more step in our European growth strategy, and a recognition from peers, clients, and institutions of our expertise and knowledge in the field, close to our clients.”