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Breaking News – An authority in IP litigation, John DiMatteo, joins the team !

Breaking News – An authority in IP litigation, John DiMatteo, joins the team !

IPSILON USA is pleased to announce that our longtime friend and colleague John DiMatteo has joined the firm as of-counsel to assist us in representing our clients in complex patent and other IP litigation.

John  and IPSILON USA’s Managing Partner, Joe Sofer, have worked together throughout their 30 year career in various cases with a proven track record and an ability to cooperate seamlessly. John is a highly experienced and recognized trial and appellate attorney who has represented clients in numerous jury trials throughout the United States with an excellent track record and recognition by colleagues and influential professional groups and associations.  He is an expert in various technical fields with advanced degrees in civil engineering, computer science, biotechnology, and trial advocacy.

Over the years, he has learned that a thorough understanding of the technology in a dispute is important to determining what issues a judge or jury will need to decide in any given case. He is able to explain complex technical issues to judges and juries, giving him an advantage over adversaries.

John’s adventurous traits go beyond the trial courts.  Recently he and his wife circumnavigated the world in an 18 month journey that took them through different lands allowing them to appreciate the beauty and majesty of our planet.




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